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How to boost Your internet speed?

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How to test your broadband speed?

Make sure you note your results.

How to improve your broadband speed and boosting Wi-Fi?

Below are some steps you can take to increase your broadband speed and improve your WiFi signal.

Be sure Your wi-fi is secured

If your Wi-Fi is not password protected, anyone can use it! This means other people can use your network without you knowing, causing your internet speeds to drop.

Why use a VPN on your WI-FI network?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. Using a VPN connection when accessing the web from Your home or a public Wi-Fi hotspots is an essential way to protect your privacy.

How Does a VPN Protect Me?

A VPN service provides you a secure, encrypted tunnel for online internet traffic and your identity online, making it harder for third-parties to break in and steal your data. Nobody can see through the tunnel and get their hands on your internet data. Moreover, to enjoy full anonymity, a VPN will hide your data from your Internet provider.

Using a VPN, Your ISP can't see who you are or anything that you do online. Your device's IP address, your location, the websites you visit, are all undetectable. The only thing that your ISP can "see" when you're using a VPN is the encrypted data transfer to a remote server.


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